A thousand word story of Anu and Rishi

On a Sunday morning, Amid trees and birds, a little far away from the busy streets, Anu and Rishi were sitting peacefully with an intention to spend some time of togetherness. A little noise from the streets could still be heard. Dry leaves which had fallen from the tree, tiny grass with small yellow buds were sparkling where ever sunlight managed to reach. Chirping of birds, some loud and scary while others so melodious that it would touch your soul and give you goosebumps. The surrounding was just perfect for them, for their endless talks and giggles!

Rishi is an Introvert and usually find difficult to share his feelings when everyone is around. He barely talked to Anu in public. He just sounded too boring when he is surrounded by so many people … So Anu and Rishi, planned this weekend for them.

Anu is wearing a long while churidar kurta and don’t know why, she is wearing a heel sandal despite knowing that they would be going to a place like this ! May be today, Anu want to look very beautiful. And she has succeeded  in her attempt to do so! This was pretty obvious from Rishi’s expression and behavior. He just never misses any single opportunity  to steal a glimpse of her. Every time Anu is lost in some thought, while her eyes is on some little golden and red color Bug, Rishi would know that she is lost in her thoughts… Rishi looked at her so nicely. Actually he tried to set her in his mind.

Anu stands at once! Rishi is a little anxious about what has happened. Anu was trying to remove the grass and dust which has stuck on her beautiful dress. 🙂 This time she kept standing as she didn’t wanted to spoil her new dress. So did Rishi. He also got up. They started moving towards the Jungle. Exploring the beautiful natural surroundings.

Soon they spotted a reflection of sunlight coming from somewhere.. Anu at once shouted, ” Rishii, A a river! Yay, I found a river! Wow, its so beautiful. Lets run over there.”

She was really very excited and transferred a bit of her enthusiasm into Rishi, the usually introvert and boring guy. It happens. Joy, Happiness, Energy … these are highly contagious and so is Love ❤

They started running forgetting everything else for a while. Anu ran, Rishi followed. She looked back at him as she ran. Both of them were laughing. As they ran, looking at each other, laughing freely and forgetting every other thoughts and worries for a while, they developed a different feeling in them, a kind which was never felt before. They ran closer to the river. White swans, which were gathering peacefully suddenly ran away. Birds flew, chirping. The river was big and water near the edges remained mostly still.


Anu picked up a stone and threw at the river. Ripples !

The leaves, flowers which has fell from the tree just above it everything started to dance with the ripples. Both of them were so happy. Especially Rishi. He has never felt this kind of true joy in his life. He laughed only when he thought was needed. But this joy which he was going through was different. Anu was busy, shouting, jumping and dancing in her own tunes; this was her natural behavior but she was equally happy. Rishi has never thought that Anu would be so happy with him. He was feeling kind of blessed and was feeling thankful and ecstasy was making his eyes a little wet.

He just laid down on the grass unfolded his arms and kept looking at this Anu, he has just discovered. When Anu saw him, she came and laid beside him. Both of them looked at one another and carried the laughter as momentum. Slowly, as they were getting calm, they were starting to lose themselves in one another. Rishi grabbed her hands and closed his eyes. She dragged herself a little more so that she could reach her face to their hands and then she kept her cheeks over it and kept looking at him. A language of silence was louder that thousand of words. Feeling comfortable with him, Anu closed her eyes and was slowly gripped in her sleep.

“Rishi, Help ! ” … Listening to this Rishi suddenly woke up and found that Anu was not around. Following the “Help .. Help …” , He ran in that direction and found that a few men were dragging Anu and she was shouting and praying for Rishi to come and Save her. After a while, Rishi located her. He ran to save her from those men. They were in a group. Rishi immediately grabbed one of her hands and started to protest. But the men have brought Anu to a place where no one can be looked for help. Their intention was to loot everything which they had. At once one of the guy, who seemed to be the most arrogant one, grabbed the watch which she was wearing and tried to snatch it. Rishi protested but one of them suddenly banged him with a piece of log over his feet. Anu was shocked. Suddenly she agreed to give away her belongings. They took her chain, her watch which her Dad has gifted her and she loved it more than any other thing. They also took away their wallet and phones and everything costly they had with them and left them alone.

Rishi was feeling helpless. Anu has lost her favorite watch and was in utter shock. She at once grabbed Rishi and started crying on his shoulder. Rishi embraced her and stayed still…


While I was writing this piece of story I was trying to write it in a descriptive manner so that it may sound lively. So I have used a lot of present tense. But I have lost the rhythm intermittently.  But I hope that you must have enjoyed the post.  Thanks for reading! 

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Difficulty led us to look for alternatives

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One day when I was in a hurry I got hurt my feet with a stone. I lost my temper and decided to throw it, at least for that very moment. As I bend to pick it up and throw it, I saw a small mustard plant coming out from the gap between stones. I decided not to disturb it.

But one thought continuously came in my mind. I was wondering that may be a few mustard seeds have fallen in the gap. It got water shower and fortunately day light and some air … Everything that’s needed for a seed to grow into a plant. But the seed has fallen over a rough stony surface. 

This was sounding similar to birth of a child… He may be born in a well to do family or he may be born in a starving family.

But I was shocked at the decision of this seed which decided to continue with its life cycle from the very beginning. I felt the difficulty the soft buds must have faced when it must have pushed itself up through the stones. But the mustard plant never gave up. I looked at it regularly but I couldn’t find any indication of tension , worry, tiredness or even an Idea of retreat despite such burden of constant struggle.

Days passed. Every morning when the sun transcend the sky, it’s tiny leafs would glow naturally. With every passing day of winter, small yellow flower started blooming. Despite such difficulty, the small mustard plant was successful in its effort and will to life his life and accepting every challenges.

Sometimes I feel that this could’ve only been possible because they just do what needs to be done. They don’t think too much and worry.

When you’ve even a little faith in you and you’re willing to go on with it.. then god gives you the strength and faith that’s needed. With every effort which you put in, the thought to retreat vanishes!

Finally when this plant grew to its fullest, I just loved it’s beauty ! As if All the scars vanished and just beauty was left!

Talk often

Sitting on this boat Varun was swinging was legs across the cold water. He was gazing continuously at the endless water till the point where the skyline met the sea. Small-Small fishes and other insects were playing around his legs, tickling as he slowly moved his legs. May be they have sensed a friend in Varun. Birds flew across the sun, boats which were busy catching fishes were so far away that they hardly appeared moving. Chirping of birds coming from somewhere… All this seemed to take away this tensed, always thinking something kind of Varun into an another world, maybe into Imagination…

As the cold breeze flew across his ears towards his neck and cheeks, As the fishes played below his legs, tickling him… A shiver went through him. He pulled his arms closer to himself, hugged himself tight and as he rubbed his cheeks over his velvet collared jacket. Suddenly he felt his fast heartbeats travelling throughout his body. This was exactly the time, Varun started thinking of Shweta. Breathing heavily he lifted his face and a drop of tear fell from his eyes into the water, right above the fishes as he gazed through the water to the point where the skyline met the sea. He felt himself shivering, a painful memory started to rise within. Just like every other time, he closed his eyes and started tying to recall his memories, and never miss a moment…